Menu Ordering Guide

Secretaries, treasurers and dining stewards please note the following when ordering your festive board menu:

  • Menu selections should be emailed to:
  • Your menu selection and indicative numbers MUST be submitted to the centre 14 days prior to your meeting
  • Final number adjustments will be accepted by 12 noon, 48 working hours before your meeting but not after that time. Final numbers will only be accepted by letter or email. Numbers given by phone are unacceptable.
  • It is at the discretion of the chef to cater for numbers above those numbers submitted 48 working hours beforehand, on the day of your meeting. The centre reserves the right to use alternative menu items to cater to the extra numbers. There may be extra costs charged to your lodge if we need to bring in extra staff to cover the increased numbers at short notice.
  • You must choose one main course for the majority of your diners i.e. meat or fish. However, you may offer those diners with dietary needs 1 fish dish or 1 vegetarian selection instead of the meat option.
  • The menu order form allows you to order a proportion of dessert or proportion of cheese plates instead of ordering a whole dessert course for your diners. This allows for those brethren who do not eat dessert.
  • We recommend when ordering cheeseboard for a whole course that you order it for 2/3 of your diners as we cut individual portions of the 3 kinds of cheese we use. Lodges find this enough and we do give plenty of biscuits. This will save you money on your festive boards.
  • Please be aware that if you sign for the bottles of wine used at the festive board that this number is final and non-negotiable once you have left the building. It is your treasurer’s or secretary’s responsibility to double-check any discrepancy and resolve it at the time.
  • The Centre does not operate a kitchen which is free of nut products and therefore we cannot guarantee that any of our products will not have nut traces within them.
  • Please help us to give you the best service possible by handing in your festive board table plan with your final numbers
  • Tea, Coffee & Biscuits for service before a lodge meeting or at calling off will be charged at £1.20 per head

Please ensure that all diners are aware that our Kitchen uses Allergenic Ingredients to produce items on our menus. If anyone suffers from a food allergy or intolerance, please let our Kitchen Staff know when placing your order.

Allergen data is held on each of our dish ingredients and is available from any one of the following

Ed Smith, F&B Manager
Dan Thomas or Amir Hossain, Chefs
Gary Earley, F&B Director
HDMC Office.