Harrow District Masonic Centre Fabric Fund


The Centre has served Masons since 1954 and there now few active masons who remember its opening.  In order to fund modifications to the building to suit masonic activities, a building Fund was created. It took over twelve years to complete these modifications.  The work did not stop there and is still continuing with the building fund now renamed the Fabric Fund.

We all benefit from the improvement of the facilities available in this Centre, made available by money raised by the fund.  We still need your help.

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The Middlesex Province Relief Fund

This fund was set up in 2003 with the proceeds from the sale of the Princess Alexandra Home. An application form is available on the Provincial Web Site or can by emailed or posted to you on an application on request. The Trustees of the Charity are able to reach a decision about grants very quickly and often a grant is made to relieve severe financial distress whilst an application is being made to the Grand Charity for a Masonic Relief Grant. Requests for Grants for non-Masonic requests received through the Provincial Almoner are also considered by the Trustees and three applications made during the year resulted in grants to worthy causes.

The Trustees will consider applications for assistance with living expenses for undergraduates with Middlesex connections. One of the young people that the MPRF was assisting at Trinity College Dublin graduated during the year and ere are now no such assistance grants being made. The number of applications has fallen again during the past year and Freemasons or their dependants ae urged to make applications through the Provincial Grand Almoner.