1954 Club

Nature being what it is, we all know that Raffle monies always exceed the Charity Column, so with this in view in 2011, it was decided to set up a 100 Club. The scheme requires the members to buy Shares, and have the chance of getting a return on their donation from the four draws to be held each year. The purpose of the 1954 Club is to raise fund for the Fabric Fund.

The Fabric Fund, formerly known as the Building Fund, has been in existence since 1944, 10 years before we managed to acquire the Harrow Centre. ALL the Fabric Fund money is utilised to improve the facilities at the Centre for the benefit of all who meet here.

The 1954 Club was launched at the Middlesex Provincial Fete in July 2011, under the stewardship of W Bro Les Mcintosh, having been approved and given the title of The 1954 Club by the Centre Representatives at their meeting, 1954 being the year the centre was purchased.


The rules require that to be eligible shares must be purchased before the end of December to be eligible for the draws in the following years. There are 4 draws in the year with payout of 60% of the collection and the balance going towards the Fabric Fund. Since inception, the scheme has managed to sell just over 100 Shares, each year, and has been able to pay out in prizes the sum of £300 at each of the draws.

Les Mcintosh would very much appreciate that a boost be given to the Fund during the Risings at your meetings, in the hope of generating further donations. Please do your utmost to increase the level of donations to either scheme, so that we can continue to make improvements to the Centre without having to take money from the Centre's other income to do so.